What Is Staff Augmentation And When It Works Best?

What Does Staff Augmentation Mean?

So, exactly what is staff augmentation? Everyone, I believe, comprehends this concept in the some way. First but, let’s get down to business. Recruitment is a flexible insourcing strategy that entails hiring qualified people from an outside provider to increase a team’s productivity. Augmentation services are usually provided under contract and for a limited period of time.

Typically, the enlarged team is gathered based on the process and decision and the team’s professional skills. Management and coordination can also be handled by the outsourcing team, allowing you to focus on some other aspects of the business.

Staff augmentation’s main goal is to find a squad that really can quickly help make up for just a lack of knowledge and skills. Staff augmentation is technically the same as aiding your team without adding new members. You avoid dealing with HR and organisational employment issues by supplementing your team. Instead, the outsourced company who provides the enlarged team handles all of these issues.

Recruitment can be full-time or part-time. To recompense for a lack of experience for example, you might hire just a small team of experts. In some cases, an enlarged team can totally replace existing personnel.

Pay growth, extra weekends, team – building activities, and other actions can all help motivate your group to work harder. However, even these tools can fail at times. For example, if you already have a thriving company and want to begin a side gig, your in-house team would be overwhelmed. IT recruitment may well be the best choice in such cases.

As a Business Consultant, I counsel many of my customers on the most effective outsourcing model to employ. Many co-founders, in my experience, do not comprehend which model is most appropriate for their business context and thus underperform to make the correct decision. In this essay, I’d like to talk about the option of staffing solutions and when it’s most effective.

Pros Of Staff Augmentation

There are many ways that staff augmentation can help your business succeed.

High Level Of Productivity

By letting the developers you employ to focus exclusively on your project, the employees upgrade model boosts team productivity. They work as a cohesive team, becoming immersed in the specifics of your venture and going to treat it as though it were their unique.

IP Rights Security

You retain complete influence on the development of your project once the enlarged team begins to work on it. Similarly, your augmented members of the team adhere to your company’s policies inside the parameters of the agreement.

No Extra Expenses

There have been no additional expenses for office rent, state welfare, or equipment purchases, for example. As a result, users can consider hiring more experts who meet your requirements for significantly less money.


Pitfalls Of Staff Augmentation

Team increase is an efficient way to unload your team or release a side project alongside your established business. However, like any other actual model, staff augmentation has nuances. So let us examine them more closely.

Challenging Onboarding

You need experts who are decided to invest in the system, mission, and vision if you need a fast as well as high-quality result. Sadly, when the aim is to create an MVP, long and complex onboarding is out of the question, resulting in emotional harm among your enlarged team.


Lack Of Motivation

It can be difficult for members of an augmented team to find motivation. Salaried members can delivering exceptional bonuses such as wage rises, social benefits, or annual bonuses from their employer. The enlarged team could feel left out in this regard.

These risks, even so, are manageable if procedures are established with your distributed team. Learn more in our article Walk Guide: How Do You Put Together a Successful Remote Software Developers?

When Staff Augmentation Is Right For You?

Recruitment is a great way to boost productivity. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Team increase is only helpful in limited circumstances. Here are a couple of examples:


Launching A Side Project

Assume you have already a team in your local office working on your project. You have an established business with a huge group devoted solely to your project. You get an inspiration and finally start a side gig. You are aware, however, of a resource scarcity in your job market.

In such cases, staff augmentation is an effective tool to attract new talents to your team who have specific knowledge that is not available currently by searching the international market for them.

Outsource Model Does Not Fit

You have a virtual team that performs particular things autonomously in accordance with the outsourcing model. This remote team operates as a separate company and is completely self-sufficient. In contrast, the team upgrade model requires that your distant group feel like an extending of your in-house squad, with someone you can interact directly and on a regular basis. Recruitment is the way to go if you really want such close collaboration.

Short-Term Projects

Staff increase is best adapted for short term projects in which you need to finish a certain amount of tasks within tight deadlines, start several new projects, and your hometown team is inaccessible for this portion of the work.

Need To Launch Quickly

When a company wants to reduce moment, develop a decent product in a short amount of time (Working product), launch a startup, or find a user-oriented solution, it may choose team augmentation as an effective business strategy.

How Does Staff Augmentation Work?

Staffing is a simple and adaptable process. Follow these steps to consider outsourcing an augmented team:

Gathering Project Requirements

The external provider partner gathers requirements of the project and defines which skills the customer wants before forming a team. ecodesoft keeps close communication with the customer during pre-sale people calling and the development process. A close working relationship with customers ensures a successful outcome.

Selecting The Team

Once we know what we need, we can find experts for your augmented team. Based on project requirements, the outsourcer will select experts with the requisite experience, abilities, and technical knowledge. This procedure takes anywhere from one to three weeks.

Augmented Team Onboarding

This is a crucial stage when you boarded your team to start working on a project. Construction managers are appointed during the orientation and training phase, and channels of communication and management software are established.


Staff augmentation is a perfect remedy for offloading ones in-house team or building a side project. Team augmentation could provide benefits such as flexibility, cost reductions, and close interaction with the team.

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