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Codeigniter Development

Codeigniter Development

eCodeSoft is one of the top Codeigniter development company in India. We have developed many Websites on Codeigniter MVC framework. eCodeSoft team members are young and well trained, so we always keep update ourselves with latest versions of Codeigniter, therefore we are producing the beneficial result to our extreme clients.

CodeIgniter Development is an Open source web application framework for utilize in creating dynamic web sites with PHP. It’s a powerful PHP framework, which allows a simple and elegant toolkit, to build a full- featured dynamic web application for the PHP developers. CodeIgniter Development is entirely based on the popular model view controller development model. CodeIgniter’s source code is maintained at Github. Codeigniter is a lightweight web application frame written in PHP that accepts the model-view-controller approach to development. Codeigniter is based on model view controller (MVC) architecture is well-suited with standard shared hosting accounts.

With the assist of Codeigniter you can get sites that are completely functional & they come concerning with totally simple configuration. Managing the web apps also becomes too easy exclusive of much commotion about something & the sites propose persistent performance too.
It is one of the extremely secure development platforms to facilitate the developers can create use for broad verities of apps. The development procedure is totally transparent as there is systematic & clear documentation available for Codeigniter.

CodeIgniter is a PHP-driven framework, containing a grab-bag of libraries, helpers, plug-ins & other resources that takes care of many of the more difficult process & functions for which PHP is well-known. CodeIgniter does all the important exciting for you while maintaining high performance. It will make simpler PHP syntax, reorganize the code basic your web pages, & best of all have you mixing out active, interactive, professional sites in no time.

Why Codeigniter Development?

  • Codeigniter is open source & rich features.
  • Codeigniter is light weight web application framework.
  • Codeigniter is well supported by an active community.
  • Codeigniter is easy to configure.
  • Codeigniter gives simplicity to your project.
  • Codeigniter support simple solution & multiple databases.
  • Codeigniter has data validation.

Benefits of CodeIgniter Development


Easily manageable features


Powerful functionalities

Active-database support

Active database support


XSS filtering


MVC based systems


No complex coding rules


Editable PHP Programs


No “Installation” Required


Time efficient development process


Easy to understand


Free coupling


Compatible with majority of web servers and platforms