Moodle e-learning platform

Thinking of bringing a revolution in education field after pandemic arrived? What is the best possible method? E – Learning, online education system and much more has played a very important role in everyone’s life, which no one might have ever imagined before

Moodle is one such system which can help you to be with every learners. We’ve worked with education systems and coaching institutes to do so, plan with eCodeSoft Solutions to get in life of every learners!

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS), it works invaluably for education sector, structuring and sharing content with it becomes easy, and also it becomes smooth to check the progress as well as assessing the learners. It is not only used in educational institutes, it is used in wide areas like teachers, training managers, HR professionals and more.

Some learner’s and parents think that eyesight will get affected by looking at small screens such as tablets and mobile phones, but it doesn’t happens like that. Moodle can always be accessed from any devices, including PC, laptops or even from web browser.

Moodle based lms can be ideal for:

  • Company trainings
  • Online course developments
  • Aptitude training and management
  • Training for on boarding
  • Company organising launching events for products and services.
  • Hiring, interview and recruitment processes

Benefits of moodle based lms

User friendly

Sometimes LMS users gets fed up from using site, as it takes lot to explain to employees, train them to use, and some features are not self – descriptive. So users think of switching to other LMS. But, Moodle, as a LMS is having self – explanatory navigation features which describes and makes it easy for users to use. Also, it helps users to use it more efficiently and waste less time in training and learning to familiarize to employees to use it.

Easy integration

Moodle based LMS can be integrated at multiple departments within an enterprise, including HR and talent management, workflow and customer relationship management, some payment processing and so on. Also, it allows to share data across any part of the world

Content management and ease of access

Moodle allows to use various and latest eLearning standards, also, it enables to upload documents and videos of course. Sharing of materials and events in learning path between educators and learners is easily bridged with the help of LMS.

Moodle LMS offers responsive designs, which makes content fix in any device, wherever Moodle expressed. Delivery of content will be interactive and in short segments which makes it easier to access. Also, it allows to have discussions on boards.

Blending of learning features

Apart from online facilities, LMS allow access to offline features like learning, tracking, keeping record and more with online parallel events.

Assessing and testing

It supports many tests, as the process of learning. Some tests gives features of automatic assessment and manual marking. It also keeps record of learner’s complete assessment portfolio.

Reporting and tracking

Apart from assessment and testing, Moodle- grounded LMS includes features to track and record learners’ progress through a literacy path. Either, it can assay test performance and record which learners have completed particular literacy particulars and which bones have not. In case of e-commerce, it can track purchase, earnings and performance of marketing enterprise.

Security and functionality

Gives secure sign – in feature to keep all data and records safe. Every LMS should provide functionality for tracking and record maintenance, similarly, Moodle LMS provides functionality of keeping track progress of learner and records of assessments and test. Also, it allows to incorporate payment methods.


Moodle LMS is famous as it is rich with features in the form of plugins that allows you to develop your business needs and makes learning easy, fun – filled and engaging for learners.


With a rich variety of tools to encourage your learners to share in online literacy, Moodle is the ideal result to bring into system of education, training and much more similar fields into the 21st century.

eCodeSoft Solutions have had the pleasure of working with numerous educational institutions and have vast experience within all its Moodle service conditions.

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