Metamorphing visitors to customers

At the time of thinking anything for production, how we start? Most of the time we start with keeping in mind about our target customers. Suppose if we are planning to form a store for chocolates, then our target audience will be people of all age groups. So, when we will be designing the store, we need to do it in such a manner that starting from kids to adults to old, everyone should get their choice to explore.

Similarly, when we are designing eCommerce store, we always have to keep our customers in mind.

After designing we have to target to convert our visitors into customers. A good eCommerce site, is not that which just attract visitors, but also it has to give them such experience, through which we can convert them into customers. That is what we call conversion rate. If the conversion rate of our site is low, then we need to analyse why this happening is. We need to work on fulfilling shopping experience, which will lead to ultimate conversions. That targets us to design website from the viewpoint of customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a technique to increase the percentage of our website traffic to customer conversion.

How we can maximize Conversion Rate Optimization? Following are some of the Extremities for the same.

Target audience

Ultimate buyer of the product or service. As purchasing being an emotional choice, the main focus, is to catch up with that emotion that will please the customer to buy. Behavioural patterns of shopping should also be kept in mind. Also, critical understanding of target audience will be leading to the success of the online business.

Keeping navigation simple

Any buyers will love simple and easy navigation, to meet up with their requirement, without any confusion. Ride through the site should be easy, allowing to browse faster services and get it within no time.

Engaging images and detailed info

Images of product or services, should be of high resolution and showcasing the products in the best of possible manner. Images should be from various wide angles, and zoom lens, which helps to get minute variation of product or service. Information related to product or service should be mentioned in detail, as this plays an important role in conversion into customers.

Visibility of shopping cart

Shopping carts should be continuously visible to the customers which easily helps them to add their requirements into it, and they can easily even alter the product/services, they like more while comparing.

Free shipping

Mostly shipping charges kills conversions! Unexpected and hidden expenses should be avoided as nobody likes that kind of eCommerce.

Clear check out

No distractions should be placed after selection of products/services on any site, as this will let them get bored or irritated. So, always remember check out should be made most easy for customers.

On landing, discounts and specials

On landing, first page of the site should be the most attractive and easy going page out of complete site. Also, offers, discounts, special products, services should be blinked or made visible there on the landing page itself. That will, attract and excite visitors more and conversion chances increases. Discounts, taxes and offers should be clearly visible on individual product/service also.

Many payment options

Many payment options, should be kept open for buyers, as some people don’t like to update their digital transaction details anywhere. So, many payment options will give them options to pay by some other methods.

Website mobile – friendly

Mostly people uses mobile, while not much people use desktop or laptop, so, it needs to be very specific that your eCommerce website should represent in the same manner as desktop website. This will increase the customers, as it will make easy access to them.

Use testimonials and feedbacks

Reviews, testimonials and feedbacks of customers, plays a major important role in increase of the conversion rate. Also, as it will be product/service specific based, which will help customers more in specific manner.

Experiments for conversion rate optimization

Once the site is ready, one can perform experiments for conversion rate optimization. One should start from A/B Testing performing on online store.

A/B testing

is something that is performed to check which version of online store converts more number of visitors into customers. It has to be performed using various tool available online. After setting goals in tools and achieving it, by doing necessary changes required on online store. The any one version of the store can be used for the maximum audience across the market.


eCodeSoft Solutions performs all of the above tasks for you and give you the best online store for your audience. Above mentioned tasks, and related perfections, with experiments, can give you the best results. And as time passes, keep an eye on performance of your online store, keep making necessary changes in it, that will help keep boosting your online business.