Graphical design competing with ux/ui design

What our eyes loves to see? Long paragraphs or simple designs displaying whole content?

Of course, 80% people love to get visual icons, or images, or drawings, for the complete product. That representation of the product in the form of visual designing, or logo, or image, or sketch is popularly considered as designing. Companies work hard on designing and selecting the type of designs for their product.

Designing also becomes the mode of communication between the company and the audience/consumers of the product.

Let’s have a quick review on the roles of the designing.

What is graphical design?

Graphic design is the art of implementation of ideas and thoughts with visual and textual content. It is the simplest way of conveying product/project details to the audience by visual manner, simply either with logo or website page.

Graphic designs helps to build the connection between the producer and the consumer. Branding and advertising the product also becomes easy with the help of graphical designing.

Artistic expression is always representation of words in images or infographics and in many other forms. It is understood able from babies to elderly people in an easy manner.

How digital marketing and traditional marketing reaches out to people?


To design one must have to take care of some interesting segments and assumptions, to be used for designing.

Some of the segments important for designing are color, lines, shape, texture, size, shape and more. The use of these segments by the designers will be done in two formats while designing for any product, one they might use it in coexistence form or conflicting form to create attractive and impactful design for the product.

Some assumptions need to be taken care of while creating an effective balanced and stable piece of design. Those assumptions are equilibrium, quantity, movement, rhythmicity and some more of the segments used in the designing of the product.

What all gets involved in graphic designing?

Graphic design doesn’t always mean, representation through images or logos. It is a wide ranging theme of print, animation and motion of graphics. Some types of graphics designs involves: Website, UX, animation and motion type of designing.

Some tools used by experts for graphic designing

Basic tools used for graphic design are Photoshop and Adobe Xd. Apart from these two some advanced graphic design tools are, PicsArt, ProofHub, Desygner Marvel – Prototyping tool, Logaster and many more.

Two most confusing terms used in designing and often used interchangeably, but it is completely different. Let’s have a look at some of its similarities and its differences.

What is ux/ui design?

User Experience (UX) design is the humans first way of designing products.

User Interface (UI) design is bringing the artistic view to the digital products.

UX is applied to physical as well as digital products, while UI will be applied to only digital products. UX does not provide interaction with the product, while UI provides interaction virtually with the product.

UX Designs, helps in interactions of active customer and the producer. UX designs can be applied to keys, cars, lamps, and so on. UX design can be visible on screen as well as off screen.

UX designs fulfils the complete 360° experience of product to customers, while designers enjoy designing as it is effortless and applicable.


UI Designs, helps in complete feel and interactivity with the product. UI designing is the complete interaction of the customer with that of the company, like for example, you can select from the chocolate box, that which chocolate you want to have.

UI designing always focuses on switches, logos or icons, color compatibility and many more to make customers experience very real. UI is the process of transferring the complete capacity of the company to that design of the product.

Tools used by UX/UI designers are Sketch, Axure, Craft, Framer X, and many more.


All 3 types of Designs, i.e., Graphic Designing, UX Designing and UI Designing, are very different from one another, yet they are very similar. Thin line of differences are there between all three. Graphical design was mainly used for printing media and advertisement purposes, while UX/UI designs are mainly used digitally to attract large group of people towards the brand and that too in an interactive manner. To create the best of design, one needs to design with the help of all three, it is not possible to get ideal design by using any one designing technology.