WordPress hassle free experience

Glamouring wordpress

Availability of anything related to IT; 24*7*365? What is it?

It is WordPress.com

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), helps to build and maintain, website and blogs on your own and that too in a customization manner.

WordPress makes HOSTING smart, simple, fast and secure.

WordPress machine like system

  • Gets into higher gear
  • Most safe
  • Excellent bandwidth
  • Storage space: 200 GB for unlimited videos, images and graphics.
  • Themes: makes it most attractive and plug – in helps to attract more visitors.
  • SEO
  • One stop shop for all business solutions
  • Delivery Network
  • Most pocket friendly as it is free of cost.
  • Backups on regular basis and rewinding the things.
  • Live chatting and mailing facility makes it unique from other technologies.
  • If used for advertisement purposes, helps to earn money as well.
  • Guidance also provided in the training format when first started to use.

Its various forms are available as per the individual’s use. Starting for personal, premium, business and ecommerce versions.

As per the format we are selecting, templates will be provided accordingly.

Which is get – go for our own website?

Domain is the beginning of the journey for being online. Domain will work like identity card for our business on internet. WordPress helps us in getting domain name easily. This domain will be thoughtful for further website development and mailing addresses too.

Erection of website

Now just simple steps will lead you to your dream project/website of your own business/brand.


Tramping of website:

  • Erecting a website: allows to select layout for our website from more than 50 styles.
  • Personalization: dragging and dropping of content we want to place on site, including color theme selection, sizes and font variation.
  • Publication: virtually publishing various contents, blogs and other graphics helps to grow more audience. Allows to share it with friends and consumers of our business.
  • Modifying into business: We can add secure debit and credit card payment system on our website for payments of digital products/downloads, physical shopping and so on.

Out of the box SEO certificate standards are available to the website built by WordPress.

Sharing our voice blog

Formulation of content of recent trends related to our business/brand, and sharing it on the site. Wordpress helps to create powerful blog, with some of its best features includes:

Designing, adding of various graphics, and many more.

Also, we can keep an eye on audience visiting and reading our blog. This helps increasing traffic to our site and attract more visitors. It is also mobile – friendly, wherein we can use same themes and features even from mobiles as well.

Amplification of email

Professional email building helps to create an impression on partners and customers. Also, exciting features apart from personal mail are there, which consists of:

  • Increased storage space
  • Signature building ability
  • Security
  • Templates for email
  • Guaranteed delivery and scheduling system.

Themes offered by wordpress.com


There are 100s of themes offered by WordPress under several categories which are, portfolio, magazine, blog, business, wedding, travel, food and music.

These themes helps us to build our dream website in just simple steps.

Potentiality of website


Potentiality of our website can be increased by, add some features to it. This feature adding technique is being known as plug in.

WordPress provides plug in options, including, Statistics, spam protectivity, security scanning, contact based forms, images and videos in gallery format, subscriptions taken by email and many more.

Many Google Apps can also be directly connected with our wordpress site and use its exclusive features.

Statistical update

As per some studies and research, WordPress is the most used Technology to develop Content Management System Website, which resembles approximately up to 64%.

Optimization of wordpress

It offers best customization of website to get it designed, even if you are not an experienced developer. It best suites with the mobile also, with same configurations. Security features makes it best for us. Several other key software’s and apps can be co – linked with wordpress site, which will enhance the user’s experience and also allows the owner to maintain the data easily.


WordPress is widely accepted as its key characteristics includes pocket – friendly, user – friendly, easy to access and use. Can update easily. And above all it provides experience of one in all while adding on various software’s and applications.