What is the best, flutter, or React Native?

As more and more people are accepting modernized technology, the demand for mobile apps has increased day by day.

Hybrid mobile frameworks are gaining popularity. The presence of React Native (RN) in 2015 opened amazing opportunities to build apps for iOS and Android using one codebase. Hence, it allowed us to kill two birds with one stone and not rewrite the same code twice. Big firms such as UberEats, Discord, and Facebook moved to React Native, an effective promotion.

Google didn’t stand apart; they noticed the huge popularity of RN. Hence, Google introduced an alpha version of its hybrid framework called Flutter in 2017. Flutter also became a very popular framework. The development of a framework similar to React Native leads to confusion over what to choose for hybrid mobile app development:

React Native or Flutter? However, there’s another important question which you should decide before this: Is it better to develop a hybrid or native mobile apps?

Both cross-platform mobile application development has its pros and cons and popularity


Flutter is an open-source mobile application development Software toolkit that has developed by Google. It had the first release in May 2017. Flutter has written into the C, C++, Dart, Skia Graphics Engine. Flags have been developed by Google. It is also used to develop Android and Android applications. The SDK is free and launched as a source developer to explore and create powerful, powerful tracking applications around.

Why choose to Flutter for Android and ios app development?

  • Cross-platform
  • Hot Reload
  • High compatibility with programming languages
  • Faster and improved native performance
  • Appealing UI
  • Accessible SDKs and native features
  • The functional and reactive framework

React Native

React Native is a framework created by Facebook that allows us to develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android with a single JavaScript codebase.

React native is the real mobile application, also open-source application development framework which is developed by Facebook. Motivate that concepts should be developed on the web for mobile development. Reactive native is used to creating iOS and Android applications. The reactive native was released in March 2015. In this regard, JavaScript is developed. However, the app appearance seems to be a native app.

Why choose to React Native forAndroid and iOS app development?

  • Seamless and synchronous API
  • Seamless and synchronous API
  • Quick performance
  • Greater reach

Which is Better: Flutter or React Native?


Flutter ranks higher with 75.4% and React Native also cut with 62.5% among most loved frameworks.

Both Flutter and React Native are popular and highly used by the app developers for the development of cross-platform applications. Each one of them has their unique pros and cons in terms of performance, stability, speed, and more.

Flutter is a new framework, and it is expanding and growing slowly and gradually. Compared to Flutter, React Native is in the industry for a long time now. Hence, it is mature enough that leading brands have experienced the benefits of it. While Flutter is yet to have such strong case studies.

The choice of the right framework can be best done based on your mobile app requirements. Rather than questioning the capabilities of one framework over the other.