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How to hire web developers

How to hire Web Developers Who Is Right for Your Project?

Hiring a web developer is not difficult. However, finding a web developer who meets your requirements is a difficult task. This blog post will assist you in determining the type of developer you require, conducting effective research, and establishing an effective partnership with your development team.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Web Developer

So you’ve made the decision to hire a developer. What comes next? To begin, pose a few questions to yourself to help you determine who you want to see on your project.

Why Are You Recruiting?

Is this the start of a new project? Is it a new one, or an expansion of an existing one?

In any case, you must determine what you expect from a new employee at this stage of the project’s development. Perhaps you want him/her to take on some critical processes, become a team leader, or even manage a team of foreign freelancers – all of these considerations influence your decision.

What Are Your Predictions?

Consider this: a new developer joins your team. So, what comes next? How do you anticipate the outcome in six months or a year? Determine whether the expected changes are short or long term and decide whether they are realistically possible.

What does your product’s vision entail?

The goals that will get you there will be defined by the vision of your product. Before beginning any collaboration with developers, consider and answer the following questions:

  • What user requirements will your product meet? How will it accomplish this?
  • Will your product offer a unique solution when compared to competitors?
  • What benefits will your product provide to the customer?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’ll be easier to estimate the project and outline the tasks you’ll need to complete. Filling the position will be a piece of cake based on this.

3 Current Employment Models

The details of your project will determine how you collaborate with your development team. Examine these advantages and disadvantages to determine which model is best for your project.

Hiring An In-House Web Developer: Go For Total Commitment

Hiring in-house is the first option for assembling a team of developers. This entails hiring a professional who will devote 100% of his or her time to your project with no side tasks. When you hire someone in-house, you accept responsibility for the working environment, equipment, insurance, and personal benefits, among other things.


Advantages of In-House Hiring

  • The employee’s complete dedication;
  • The employee who has become ingrained in the company’s culture;
  • More input and involvement result from in-house employment.
  • The in-house developer will be more aware of company developments.

The Drawbacks of In-House Hiring

  • Responsibility for providing suitable working conditions and equipment.
  • Only full-time employment option.

Hiring A Freelance Web Developer: Benefit from freedom


Freelance collaboration has become a popular option for business owners. Because you cannot always guarantee full-time employment for someone you hire, going freelance may be a better option for you.

Advantages of Freelancing

  • There is no requirement to provide work equipment.
  • The scope of employment is optional.

The Drawbacks of Freelancing

  • A freelancer can work on other projects, which means less commitment.
  • A complicated onboarding process.

Hiring an Outsourcing Team

Hiring development teams with the outsourcing collaboration model is the most popular option among business owners these days. IT Outsourcing is a type of contract-based collaboration in which a group provides IT-reliant business processes, application services, and infrastructure solutions.

This model has become more relevant this year, as the pandemic has given way to widespread remote collaboration. Outsourcing accounted for 66.5 billion US dollars in annual global revenue from information technology in 2019.

In 2022, this amount is expected to exceed one trillion US dollars globally, representing a 4.8 percent increase over the previous year.


Advantages of Outsourcing Hiring

  • There is no liability for the working equipment or documentation.
  • You can select a company with relevant experience.
  • Collaboration under contract

The Drawbacks of Outsourcing Hiring

  • Control Issues
  • Issues with Communication

Three Outsourcing Models to Consider

Employment outsourcing is a broad term. You can tailor outsourcing cooperation to your needs and select the best collaboration model for your project. Here are three of the most common choices:

  • Committed team. A dedicated team is a long-term collaboration between a client and a developer’s team. This model assumes the team’s complete dedication and a guarantee that a developer will not accept projects from other clients.
  • Materials and time. The time and material formula is used when a customer pays for the hours spent on product development and the amount of work completed
  • The fixed-price model The budget and timeline are predefined in this model before the project begins. Regardless of any roadblocks encountered during the project, the client pays the agreed-upon amount.

3 Tips for Hiring the Right Web Developers’ Team

We recommend the following three tips to help you find the right person for your project.

Consider Outsourcing to a Country

Though the pandemic has been difficult, it has revealed one thing to startup owners: you can have your product developed anywhere in the world.

However, the quality/cost ratio varies from region to region. While the average hourly wage in the United States is $100, the price in Eastern Europe ranges between $30 and $50.

Nonetheless, the quality of development and collaboration is nearly identical. Ukraine, for example, ranked first among the top three countries for IT outsourcing. Ukraine also has the highest concentration of C++ programmers in the world. This makes the country a reasonable choice for outsourcing.

Investigate the Team’s Knowledge

Before hiring a development team, review the team’s portfolio, cases, and testimonials to see if the developers have the necessary experience in your field.

Do Not Underestimate Soft Skills

Work is more than just toil. Likewise, employment isn’t about choosing candidates based on hard skills. Outsourcing development is typically a lengthy process. Isn’t it therefore critical to embark on this journey with agreeable candidates? We believe it is. So, our advice is to discuss the candidate’s values and goals, ask him/her about his/her inspiration, and see if you and the candidate have chemistry.

The Hiring Process in Action

With 5 years of experience in the outsourcing market, we assist startups and enterprises in developing the products they desire. During the hiring process, we take the following steps to assist our clients in making the best decision:

  • Call for introductions. We hold an introductory meeting after a potential client requests to work with us to discuss goals, timelines, and budget. We make an introduction call to learn more about the client and determine if we are a good fit.
  • Estimation of the project. Following the introduction, we conduct a general evaluation of the project and tasks included in order to discuss team participation.
  • Meeting with the team. Once the tasks are defined, we assemble a team of developers with the necessary expertise and schedule an interview with the client.
  • Collaboration begins. Finally, we hold a kick-off call to determine the start date and finalise the contract.


It takes time and effort to hire web developers for your project. Having a crystal-clear vision of your product, on the other hand, makes it twice as easy. eCodeSoft Solutions, as a product development studio, can assist you in bringing clarity to your product’s vision and translating it into flawless code. Tell us about your idea, and we’ll do everything we can to make it a reality.