Blogs one of the key for marketing

Blog is a form of informational website, where a writer as individual or group of writers share their views on any specific topic.

Blogs play its key role in many fields as per their types; which links to various categories as mentioned below:

Personal, business, brands, fashion, travel, lifestyle, food, multimedia, news, and so on. Especially people of specific interest read specific type of blogs to connect and relate their status in that field with the reality where the world is leading in that particular interest.

How blogging enters into business?

Blogging for business gives immense importance to brands/products and services. It helps in overall marketing and development of business.

Business blogging


Blogging permits bloggers to share information about their brand and business they provide. Also it allows to share honest thoughts, and opinions on any topic.

Business Blogging is a business strategy to drive traffic to business website. It also allows browser to show our business more online to viewers. It is a marketing channel just like social media marketing.

Business blogging also helps to develop a specific personality of the company.

Magnetizing the customers by business blogging?


Increases website traffic – With digital marketing strategy

What business blogging does? Blogging keeps our website alive. Whenever we post a blog on any of our website, it has highest chances of being shown in any search options when any keywords from our blog is being searched.

Are we able to increase traffic without blogging? Yes of course, but that will be not at all pocket – friendly, which happens through buying email listing and paid off advertisement helps us to increase web traffic. But that will play its role only for short duration of time.

But what shall I do, if I want to make it pocket friendly? We have to target audience who regularly visits the website for observing our next step and reading our blogs will remember it and will take interest in it. Apart from blogging and increasing website traffic, it also becomes one of the important aspect of digital marketing as then our website can be on the top of SEO.

Long keyword benefits

Keywords are like nicknames we give to our friends & sometimes as time passes by we forget the original name of that friend and might only remembering the nickname given to him/her. In the similar manner, in our blog, key words plays that important role for our brand/product/service in search bar of any search engine. Like as in if we want to search for any Media company, whenever we type its first 3 – 4 letters we will directly get the list in the form of drop down in our search engine. So as per this only the famous media companies will get benefits. If the small media companies will do blogging and keep their site updated by commonly used words which are mostly in target while searching for any media company; then the chances of small media company’s visibility in the drop down menu of any search engine will be more.

Reutilization of blogging content for social media

Website content will work as marketing content for social media as well. This can be the cost effective benefit for marketing. As every time, it will not be required to present new content to social media. When we are posting the blog, the same content will present company’s activeness on social media as well.

Transformation of traffic into business opportunities – By justifying as best in service

Who does not like to grab the opportunities which are available at low marketing efficiency?


Pull – up – on – actions:

We can add free offers in our blog posts, which leads them to the website and also we can get their information. We can keep offers like vouchers, music, free games, webinars and many more, which they can get only after filling the form in which all of their details will be mentioned.

With this we can attract more number of visitors to our website, and with their given details we can approach them to increase our business. Also while filling of the form we can prove our brand by directing them to portfolio and let them get introduce with our work.

Long term benefits with less or no investment

We can pursue a long term visitor to our website by sometimes answering to their common questions. As if the company/brand is related to education; and in their blog content they mention some common content that every parent want to know about, then the brand will build trust in that parents and students. So, every time after that whenever the blog will be posted on that website, that same visitor will come to read, as they feel like, again there will be something new to know at this place.

Sometimes blog of any of our service/product, will also help the visitors to compare our company with some other, and hence, they will be able to select best, which in turn the brand will gain trust.

Up gradation of company will be flashed

What is company up to? How the company is performing? Who all are working in the company? The details of this can be shared to some extent in the blogs, which help visitors, to keep updated about the company. Even if company is going to organize any event, or seminar; that can also be announced with the blog post. Launching of any new service/product can also be advertised with it.


Blogging helps normal human beings to remain connect with the world outside and keep remains updated about their field of interest. Apart, they can also update their field aspect as per the updates received from the blog.

Business blogs are boon for small businesses to get the best customer database and maintaining them and increasing it on regular basis. Any brand/business can keep their followers updated by regular blog on their site. Blogging to some extent helps in digital marketing of the brand/company.

Introduction, attraction, transforming, maintaining and up grading are the key factors of relationship between any business and consumers.