Balancing of mobile vs. Web apps

Puzzled between mobile app and web app?

Puzzling in mind between two types of apps? – Mobile app or web app? Selection process of any business delegates between the two apps depends on speed, connection and cost of development.

Development of apps


Mobile apps are easily accessible on any mobile device on hand. They are faster, and advanced to implement. Web apps are easier and quick to develop. Development of mobile apps are done for any specific platform as of android or iOS, while all web apps can be easily accessed on any browser.

Development of web and mobile application differentiates in terms of design and functionality.

For web app the visual element is more important. Front end of web apps are usually developed with the help of technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Mobile app developed with android native technology will only be functional on android operating devices while apps that are developed with iOS native technology, will only remain functional on iOS operating devices. Swiping up of developmental technology and operational system will not give any result.

Usability and features

Mobile apps need to be downloaded from respective native play store’s to use it on device, while web apps are not required to download as they are easily usable from any browser.

Mobile apps can be used offline, while the device requires internet connectivity as and whenever we want to use web apps. Mobile apps are faster compared to web apps.

Safety and security are two common factors that has to be taken care of at the time of starting the development process. Web apps are loaded from any browser, so security is not always guaranteed. Mobile apps are secure as it goes through the screening while getting downloaded on any device.

Web apps are cost effective, while mobile apps are costly. Web apps are updated automatically as they are working with internet connectivity, while mobile apps needs to be get updated every time which makes it costlier compared to web apps.

Getting approval of mobile apps from iOS and android play store is difficult, while for web apps there is no requirement of getting approval and it can easily be launched.

Mobile apps can easily access the device resources like camera, GPS and more, while web apps cannot use it by default.


Web apps can be accessed from mobile browsers, as well as on web. While mobile apps will have limited access to mobile device only. Mobile apps are easy to use, while web apps are somewhat difficult to use. Both the apps, I. e., Mobile apps and web apps, have its own pros and cons. While the selection of the app for our business depends on various factors such as target audience, platform to be used, operating system and more.